Working Process

Get to know our working process better!

Initial discussion

Looking for digital marketing assistance. You probably need a website. You may have a website, but it needs improvement or your customers just can't find it. Your website may be fine, but you need help building a social media presence that engages with existing and potential customers.

Whatever your digital marketing needs, we're here to help. We don't think of ourselves as a digital services agency, we prefer to be perceived as your partner. We will work with you in the long run and will only be considered successful when you achieve your goals.

But to do this, we need to get to know you and your business. We ask you questions about your goals and your capabilities, your customers and your competitors. We identify the challenges facing your business and we come up with a solution to help you in your business.

Project planning and management

Once you have accepted our proposal, it is time to clarify the details. At this stage, we will talk about the specific plan and timetable of the project, confirm the responsibilities and results, and discuss the approval process. We will review your existing content and provide feedback for additional requirements. To work with graphic design or photography beyond our capabilities, we can recommend reputable professionals.

For larger projects, we can organise meeting with key stakeholders. This allows us to dive deep into your brand, goals, customers, KPIs and make sure everyone is on the same page.

At the end of this phase, we will have the basics of your digital marketing strategy that will guide the rest of the process.

Content creation

Content is just as important as design, but often overlooked. We believe that content drives design, not the other way around.

The design of the website will be appropriately tailored to your corporate identity and optimised for search engines, and in addition we will build a structural architecture that defines what information enters each individual page and how these pages should be linked.

When we work on SEO, we will conduct keyword research for your industry and audit the existing website for content, loading speed, and impressions. Online advertising is also heavily dependent on keyword research and we will identify the demographics we want to target using the most effective social platforms to do so.

Social media platforms vary greatly in how they display and prioritise content, so one of our first tasks is to tailor the content to each platform in order to maximise impact.Social media platforms vary greatly in how they display and prioritise content, so one of our first tasks is to tailor the content to each platform in order to maximise impact.

Review and launch

Once the results of the project are considered ready for the market, we conduct an in-depth review with your team, as well as all relevant external stakeholders. This includes fixes, validation of the User Experience, and testing of the functionality of multiple devices and browsers. Based on the feedback, we then refine and move on to the startup phase.

Depending on the nature of your project, launching itself can be explosive or based on a series of strategic steps. Traditional marketing supports the theory of learn-measure-build, but this approach takes time and we tend to prefer the Lean Startup model. Launch of Minimum Applicable Product. (MVP) “MVP is the product version that allows the team to gather the most customer feedback for their product with the least effort.”

We will help you decide which approach to adopt for your product or service and support you at the launch stage.

Maintenance of services

Digital marketing is an iterative process and, regardless of the project, we remain with you to consistently improve and adapt your services. Your digital marketing strategy needs to be flexible.

When designing websites, we guarantee that we will correct any errors that occur after launch for free. And as your online presence grows, we offer support plans to ensure that your design and content remain up-to-date. SEO is constantly evolving and we are keeping up with the trends that will help us maintain and develop your competitive advantage.

Similarly, we monitor online advertising to ensure that your marketing message is relevant to your audience and you are reaching it in the most effective way. We are setting a recommended budget,then testing and implementing your advertising campaigns.