Performance marketing

- Facebook & Instagram ads

  • Build ad campaigns according to your business goals
  • Creating and testing different designs
  • Creating quality content and unique texts for your ads
  • Analasing the customers and targeting them according to their profile
  • Testing ad campaigns and optimise different settings
  • Reports and analysis of the work performed

- Google ads

  • Display network, banners, video and text ads
  • Search network, text ads on the Google search engine
  • Remarketing Campaigns - Users who re-visit your site can see your ads on Google Network sites
  • Youtube Advertising Campaigns

- LinkedIn Ads

Advertising on Facebook, Google and Instagram is a powerful tool for selling on the internet. It presents your services and products in the most appropriate way to cause your customers' interest in what you offer. Regardless of the sphere in which each business develops, it needs advertising and a good strategy to promote and reach more customers and consumers. Everyday around us, we see hundreds of online ads that aim to engage the right audience for the good or service, but how many of them are really successful, and how does a successful ad campaign work? Answers to these questions can give you the Marketise Me team. We always have interesting ideas to engage your potential customers and challenge them to get acquainted with your products or services.

Our company offers a Google Adsense Adsense related to your site so when someone searches for a specific word or phrase related to your business and job, you can go to the top of the search engine. Every site after a first or second Google page is virtually non-existent and hard to access. Every day we track campaign statistics and report on our work so we can be as effective as possible and provide important information about who, and how, it reaches your ads.

If you want to be among the most popular on the web, people can find you quickly and easily, take advantage of our services and you will achieve all of this, stay up-to-date and do not underestimate the power of internet advertising - it will give you a quick start successful development in front of numerous audiences. Who has not met a sponsored ad on Facebook, Instagram and Youtub?

Do you want to be part of the biggest social networks and use their power to grow your business, sell more and be more popular? Marketise Me is your faithful friend on the road to building advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Reaching a new audience for your services is easier than ever.

We can create, rethink, and build a target audience to reach your ad campaign, as well as help with setting the ad budget. We also offer a varied and intriguing design for any advertisement to leave a mark on your future customers' minds. We keep track of statistics, how your ad goes, how many people it reaches, how we look at demographics, and where people honestly see your ads.

Do not waste time and take the next step to your online development thanks to Marketise Me!